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Information for users of ReporterBase & MetaRecords, business management software for legal support businesses

Saving reporters money

Help your reporters keep more of their money in their pockets without costing your business extra with these RB and RB Web features: Offer direct deposit so reporters do not have to wait for their pay or travel to the … Continue reading

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Reporter benefits of RB Web

RB Web gives your reporters and other resources many time- and money-saving conveniences, such as: With online turn-in, the written worksheet is eliminated. Reporters can acknowledge jobs through RB Web. Reporters can access their RB Web using smart phones if … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of lawyers?

Become their partner in cost containment & technology solutions. Before you get that dreaded “We’re switching to someone cheaper” call, make your firm the most cost-effective, attractive solution to your clients’ problems — and tell them about it. You can … Continue reading

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Adding value with web technologies

(Reprinted from STAR dot STAR, the official publication of the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporters, Volume 12, No. 1 Winter/Spring 2006) Writing an article about the value of web technology for the Society for the Technological Advancement of … Continue reading

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Top Tips for 2010

For court reporting & other legal support firm owners Yong Lee’s top tips for business success this year: I wanted to give you my top three tips for ensuring your business will survive and thrive in 2010. Last year was … Continue reading

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