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Did you know about RB9’s Account Overview?

In this month’s “Did you know…” segment about under-the-radar features in RB9, we cover Account Overview. With this feature, you can view month-by-month comparisons of financial and job activity for a single entity as line graphs.

Visual trends of individual entities

Account Overview is part of Firms, Contacts, and Resources, and automatically includes the latest information. To view an entity’s Account Overview, open its detail window and click Account Overview at the top of the detail window:

  • Firms & Contacts – You can view revenue, scheduling, and job trends from the last 6 months, last year, and last 2 years.
  • Resources – You can view activity and task trends from the last 6 months, last year, and last 2 years.

An example Account Overview for a firm

Additional information displays

Account Overview line graphs are interactive. Hovering over a point in a line displays that month’s total $ amount or number.

Above each entity’s line graphs is a table that displays:
  • Firms & Contacts – Total receivables since they became a client and any future jobs scheduled.
  • Resources – Outstanding payables, upcoming tasks, and in-progress tasks.

Account Overview line graphs are an easy way to quickly view trends of revenue generated and jobs scheduled/canceled by individual firms and contacts, and trends of earnings and assigned/canceled tasks for resources.

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