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Make RB8’s central repository work for you

Make your office paperless with RB8’s central repository. Eliminate filing cabinets. Instead of filing faxed notices, signed copy orders or delivery slips, scan them into your central repository. Then give people access to the files they need in the central repository. With everything archived in RB8’s central repository, staff, resources and clients have quick access to needed information.

Save time by uploading multiple files at a time. Documents can be linked to a case, job, witness, invoice, firm or resource. If documents are ‘published,’ contacts and resources can access them through RB Web. The chart below summarizes the repository in RB8.

Where to upload
What to upload
If published, who can access through RB Web


Case Manager

Pre-discovery documents

Case word list

Any contact listed in the Case Parties tab with
the Allow case-level repository access checkbox marked

Any resource assigned to any job belonging to the


Calendar Manager


Errata Sheets

Copy Order Forms

Any contact listed in the Job Parties tab with
the Allow job-level repository access checkbox marked

Scheduling contact

Any resource assigned to the job


Turn-in (step 1)



Reporter’s Bill

Any contact who is billed for the witness

Any contact listed in the Job Parties tab with the
Allow witness-level repository checkbox marked (3rd party access)

Any resource associated with the witness




The (Sold To) contact associated with the invoice





Do not publish (for office use only)




Reporters and other resources


You are not fully utilizing RB8’s built-in central repository, if the following (time-wasting) activities are still going on in your office:

  • Notices are being faxed (or emailed) to reporters
  • Errata sheets are being faxed (or emailed) to opposing counsels
  • Invoices are being reprinted to be faxed to clients
  • Collection staff is going through job folders looking for copy order forms
  • Reporters’ bills are stuffed in the payables folders
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