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Information for users of ReporterBase & MetaRecords, business management software for legal support businesses

Saving reporters money

Help your reporters keep more of their money in their pockets without costing your business extra with these RB and RB Web features: Offer direct deposit so reporters do not have to wait for their pay or travel to the … Continue reading

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In-house benefits of RB Web

RB Web saves your in-house staff time, saving your business $$$ and giving clients better service: Reporters turn in worksheets and transcripts faster with online turn-in. Reporters turn in paper exhibits faster because they know they will have access to … Continue reading

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Client benefits of RB Web

With RB Web, clients can: Access their job calendar online, including all details of each scheduled job, such as assigned resources (reporter, videographer, conference room, etc.), location (including maps & directions), witness and case name. Access transcripts and other case … Continue reading

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Making ends meet

Since the current economic recovery is slower than any in recent history, court reporting agencies are facing the need to make do with less: Less staff, less overhead, less margin for error. I don’t believe this is necessarily a bad … Continue reading

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