What is a Transcript Package?

RB Transcript Packages bundle all the elements into an interactive package so your clients can manage their transcripts easily

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Transcript Package

Transcripts that work better in browsers & on mobile devices

Offer clients an interactive transcript that bundles related files — such as exhibits, video, and PDF transcripts — with it into a convenient package. It can be used by your clients through RB Connect on their computers or through RB Connect Mobile on their mobile devices. Transcript Packages eliminate the need to provide hard copies of transcripts but give your clients the option to produce their own easily anytime saving time and money.

Like RB-PDF Transcripts you can hyperlink exhibits in Transcript Packages. Unlike PDF transcripts, linked files in RB Transcript Packages are not added into the transcript keeping file size down and improving speed performance.

When your clients open a Transcript Package they can download/view any exhibit image in its native format by clicking a hyperlinked reference to it in the transcript. They do not have to maintain any additional files or file structure to access the exhibits.

While PDF transcripts are designed for print RB Transcript Packages are designed for screens: standard computer screens and screens on mobile devices like smart phones. If you have RB Connect your clients can work with their Transcript Packages on any screen, but if you have RB Connect Mobile too your clients can work in an environment designed for the smaller screens of mobile devices — no pinching and zooming to read and interact with their transcripts. And if they want hard copies they can export transcripts in several formats.

In Transcript Packages attorneys can:

  • Highlight text.
  • Set different highlight colors to designate different content categories.
  • Make notes on transcripts and exhibits.
  • Download attached exhibits, videos, and other files one at a time, all, or a selection of files.
  • See exhibits in context by tapping on links in the transcript.
  • View streaming video instead of waiting on long downloads.
  • Search transcripts by word, page, comment, or highlights.
  • Export their highlights and notes to work with offline.
  • Export their transcripts in full-size PDF, condensed PDF, or AMICUS versions.
  • Customize the appearance of exported PDF transcripts including condensed.
  • Generate and export word indexes and word lists.

Easier for production staff

If you are already providing RB-PDF Transcripts to your clients, your production staff will find the process of creating Transcript Packages familiar yet faster.

For example Transcript Packages like RB-PDF Transcripts are created using the original ASCII file. And the linking process is exactly the same as exhibit linking in RB9’s PDF Transcript Creator.

Even better is how Transcript Packages can save your production staff’s time. They do not have to customize the appearance of transcripts. If your clients want their transcripts to look a certain way they choose customization options when exporting files from Transcript Packages in a browser or on their mobile devices. And if you have the optional Full-Text Search plug-in, Transcript Packages are automatically indexed for searching across multiple transcripts — saving staff time creating indexes.

Like RB-PDF Transcripts your production staff can preview Transcript Packages before releasing them. Then they notify clients automatically via email when their Transcript Packages are available.

The only RB-PDF Transcript features Transcript Packages do not have are digital signatures and transcript stamps (e.g., “Original” or “Certified Copy”).

NOTE: Transcript Packages is an RB9-only feature. It is not included in RB Lite.

TL;DR: Transcript Packages are interactive transcripts designed to work in browsers and on mobile devices, and are easy to produce.

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