Maintain a deep database of your clients, resources, job locations, and business units

Lesson #105
Everything you want to know about clients, resources, places, & your company

Maintain a deep database of your clients (firms, contacts, and parent firms, i.e., company headquarters), resources (reporters, scopists, videographers, other independent contractors, and non-people entities such as conference rooms), job locations, and business units (your company’s revenue centers or parts you want to track separately). 

In addition to storing all information about entities, in this module you can:

  • View maps and driving directions to entities’ addresses.
  • View month-to-month financial and job activity for a firm, contact, or resource in interactive graphs.
  • Label entities with tags (keywords or phrases) to mark them as part of specific groups, which you can use for different purposes, such as monitoring or marketing.
  • Set up RB Connect log-in credentials for contacts and resources.
  • Include detailed billing, job, and production information for firms and contacts. Include detailed pay information for resources.
  • Designate different email addresses to receive specific types of email for a single contact, firm, or resource.
  • Maintain lists of clients’ standing requests.
  • Designate and monitor senior contacts, such as lead attorneys, who can have access to other contact’s activities in RB Connect.
  • Enter client retainers and view history of their application. Record collection efforts.
  • Enter resources’ digital signature proxy information for applying their digital IDs to RB-PDF Transcripts.
  • Set up resources’ individual work schedules for RB to use when suggesting resources for tasks. You can override a resource’s availability when scheduling a job.
  • Maintain lists of resources’ specialties to help in assigning resources. 
  • Maintain lists of resources’ certifications as reference for evaluating resources. Include certification expiration dates and set reminders.
  • Set preferences for your business units. Upload company logos for invoices and transcripts.

Entities functions by name

TL;DR: Maintain a deep database of your clients, resources, job locations, and business units.

RB concepts in this lesson

Business Unit (BU): One of your company’s revenue centers or any entity in your business that you want to track separately, such as branch offices, other companies you own, affiliates, and profit-sharing operations.

Contact: Person who works for a firm you do business with, such as attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, legal assistants, claim adjusters, and court clerks.

Firm: Business you provide services to, usually law firms, but can also be other court reporting firms, vendors, insurance companies, corporate clients, and courts.

Location: Place where jobs occur, such as court rooms, hospitals, schools, doctors’ offices, or private residences.

Parent Firm: Headquarters of a multi-branch corporation.

RB Connect: Online repository, calendar, and access to your office for clients and resources.

RB-PDF Transcript: PDF version of a transcript with built-in transcript-specific features.

ReporterBase Digital Signature Proxy (RB-DSP): Free digital signatures for reporters and agencies that agencies apply to RB-PDF Transcripts.

Resource: Person or thing that provides your business with a service, such as reporters, videographers, interpreters, scopists, account executives, other agencies that cover jobs for you, or a conference room.

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