What is a Notes Log?

Notes Logs contain notes related to the record in which they are entered by a user or the system and are unalterable

Concept #3
Notes Log

Log notes entered either by a user or automatically by RB appear in a chronological log in the database record where they occurred, such as a case, job, invoice, or entity. Log entries are your internal paper trail because every entry is stored and listed separately — and they cannot be edited nor deleted. Entries can only be canceled but remain in the log as a canceled entry.

Notes Logs are included in:

  • Entities (Firms, Contacts, Resources, and Locations)
  • Cases
  • Jobs
  • Witnesses
  • Invoices
  • Tracking
  • Collections

Notes Logs are private

Notes Logs are for internal use only, and log notes are not published on RB Connect or in any correspondence with clients or resources. Notes to be shared with clients and resources — or internal notes that require high visibility such as information the production or billing staff need to know about a particular job — should be entered in other fields in RB dedicated to those purposes. However only notes in Notes Logs are unalterable.

You can set a date and time on any note in a Notes Log to have the system send you or another staff member a reminder about the note.

TL;DR: Notes Logs contain notes related to the record in which they are entered by a user or the system and are unalterable. They are for internal use only and are not shared by the system with clients or resources.

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