Used for providing services through the RB Connect plug-in

Lesson #126
Manage your RB Connect online offices

If you have the RB Connect plug-in this is the module you use to manage your RB Connect online offices. In this module, you can:

  • Process and monitor the progress of transcript back orders received through RB Connect.
  • Allow COD clients to pay for and download transcripts online.
  • Fulfill online reward point requests.
  • Create transcripts to be viewed in browsers and on mobile devices with hyperlinked exhibits and related files bundled together.
  • Create indexed files contacts can search for specific words in their RB Connect repositories.
  • Manage resources’ time-off requests made through RB Connect.
  • See who is using your RB Connect and how often they access it.
  • Manage users’ questions and problems and maintain a paper trail of their resolution.
  • Customize the experience for contacts and resources by setting function preferences.

Connect functions by name

  • Transcript Ordered
  • Publish COD Invoice
  • Fulfill Points Redemption Orders
  • Transcript Packages
  • Create Full-Text Search
  • Approve Time-Off
  • Activity Log
  • Support Tickets
  • Connect Preferences

TL;DR: Used for providing services through the RB Connect plug-in.

RB9 concepts in this lesson

Award Points: Used to encourage clients to book with your agency by rewarding them with points for different services.

RB Connect: Online repository, calendar, and access to your office for clients and resources.

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