What is RB Lite?

RB Lite is a smaller version of RB9 containing essential functions only

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RB Lite overview

RB Lite is the smaller version of RB9 online application for managing court reporting agencies and other legal support businesses. RB Lite contains essential functions to meet the unique scheduling and billing needs of legal support businesses.

It has about half of the functions that RB9 has and costs less. Functions in RB Lite work the same way as they do in RB9. In addition to scheduling and billing, it includes some RB9 production, receivables, payables, and client management functions needed for running a legal support business.

It also includes a few RB9 tools to make using RB Lite easier, such as Bulk Import, which gives you the ability to import your existing clients and resources instead of having to enter them manually. See the comparison chart below for the complete list of RB9 functions included in RB Lite.

Who is RB Lite is for?

  • People just starting out in business. RB Lite clients can move up to RB9 anytime, seamlessly.
  • People who hesitate to make a big commitment. Like RB9, RB Lite is month to month, cancel anytime.
  • People with cyclical or seasonal business income. RB clients can switch between RB Lite and RB9 as needed, with no loss of data.
  • People on a tight budget. RB Lite costs less than RB9.
  • People who already have apps for creating transcripts, shipping products, marketing their business, etc. RB Lite doesn’t include those functions.
  • People at the end of their career who don’t need everything RB9 offers anymore. When an RB9 client is scaling back services, RB Lite only includes the essentials.
  • People who provide legal support services, but not court reporting. Businesses like interpreting agencies or legal videographers don’t produce transcripts, and don’t need to ship, share, or track them either.

What functions are in RB Lite?

This chart lists all RB9 functions and indicated which ones are also in RB Lite.

O = included X = not included

Function RB Lite RB9
Personal options
Notifications and Messages O O
Change Password O O
Locked Data O O
User Preferences O O
Close All Tabs O O
Log Out O O
Calendar module
Cases O O
Jobs (List View) O O
Jobs (Monthly View) O O
Jobs (Weekly View) X O
Send Job Confirmations/Cancellations O O
Tasks (List View) O O
Tasks (Monthly View) O O
Resource Availability O O
Quick Assignments X O
Resource Blast X O
Send Assignment Notifications/Cancellations O O
Daily Calendar Audit O O
Send Future Calendar X O
Job Printout O O
Job Analysis X O
Tasks in Progress O O
Send Overdue Tasks Report O O
Assignment Analysis X O
Production module
Turn In O O
Tracking X O
Production Sheets O O
Envelopes and Labels X O
Shipping X O
Letters X O
Send Originals Out X O
Repository O O
PDF Transcripts X O
Create Master Word List X O
Link Exhibits X O
Billing module
Post Invoices O O
COD Invoices O O
Send Invoices O O
Transfer Invoices O O
Export Invoices X O
Inquiry module
Invoice Inquiry O O
Client Activity O O
Client Analysis X O
Resource Activity O O
Resource Analysis X O
Witness Inquiry O O
Receivable Transaction Inquiry O O
Override Resource Pay Inquiry O O
Anniversary Inquiry X O
Marketing Inquiry X O
Receivables module
Receive Payments O O
Enter Other Transactions O O
Send Payment Receipts O O
Resource Billings Report X O
Daily Register O O
Daily Balance Log X O
Finance Charges O O
Monthly Journals O O
Aged A/R O O
Send Statements O O
Client Account Activity X O
Paid Invoices X O
Voided Invoices X O
Collection Letters X O
Collection Follow-up X O
Collection Forecast X O
Payables module
Override Resource Pay O O
Pay Adjustments O O
Pay Resources O O
Send Resource Pay Statements O O
Print Checks X O
1099 Pay Detail X O
Print 1099 Forms X O
Sales Commission Report X O
Override Sales Commission X O
Additional Resource Production Report X O
Total Payable Report O O
Sales Tax X O
Liability Balance Log X O
Reward Points Summary X O
Reward Points History X O
Reward Points Analysis X O
Reports module
Business Analysis X O
Gross Profit X O
Misc. Sales X O
Client Rating Report X O
Insurance Billing X O
Resource Production X O
Original Page Production X O
Task Turnaround Analysis X O
Daily Tracking Summary X O
Tracking Productivity Analysis X O
Tools module
Bulk Import O O
Bulk Update O O
Tag Manager X O
Form Templates O O
Label Templates X O
Notes Templates X O
Notes Finder X O
Repository Download Log X O
Download Backup File X O
Email Log X O
Query Maker X O
QuickBooks Integrator X O
Entities module
Firms O O
Contacts O O
Resources O O
Locations O O
Business Units O O
Setup module
Lists O O
Users and Groups O O
Chart of Accounts O O
Service Item Subgroups O O
Service Item Master O O
Rush Type Master O O
Billing Rates O O
Pay Rates O O
Billing Sets O O
Pay Dates O O
Invoice Headers O O
Invoice Messages O O
Tracking Steps X O
PDF Transcript Preferences X O
PDF Transcript Stamps X O
Link Exhibits Patterns X O
Exhibit Stamps X O
System Preferences O O
Connect module
Send Invitations X O
Transcript Ordered X O
Publish COD Invoices X O
Fulfill Points Redemption Orders X O
Transcript Packages X O
Create Full-Text Search X O
Approve Time-off X O
Billing Sheets X O
Activity Log X O
Support Tickets X O
Connect Preferences X O
Help module
User Guide O O
Online Training O O
Update History O O
Online Support: Team Viewer O O
Live Chat O O
Send Feedback O O
About O O

More ways RB Lite is like RB9

Function in RB Lite come with built-in defaults so you don’t have to start from scratch defining common items. And you can customize RB Lite to meet your unique business needs.

Like RB9, RB Lite runs on any computer or tablet with internet access. Nothing to install. No other software or hardware need to run the system. And no maintenance or backup responsibilities.

RB Lite is available by subscription only, month-to-month contracts, no long-term obligations, cancel anytime.

TL;DR: RB Lite is a smaller version of RB9 containing essential functions only. Visit omti.com/rb for complete details, including pricing.

RB concepts in this lesson

Resource: Person or thing that provides your business with a service.

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