Perform payroll and other pay-related tasks

Lesson #63
Manage & monitor accounts payables+

Use the Payables module to not only cut checks for resources, but to also manage and monitor payroll, sales tax obligations, and reward points for clients. In this module, you can:

  • Perform payroll tasks.
  • Audit pay statements.
  • Adjust resource pay on an invoice or generally on payroll (such as a bonus or re-curring repayment of an advance).
  • Adjust sales commissions on individual invoices.
  • Close payroll and send resources pay statements via email or regular mail.
  • Cut payroll checks, direct deposit paychecks, or export payroll to QuickBooks. 
  • Review gross pay amounts and adjust as needed before printing 1099s from RB9.
  • Generate forms and reports pertaining to payroll, including for sales commissions, miscellaneous pay not charged to invoices, and outstanding payables.
  • Generate sales tax reports.
  • Reward your best customers with points like airlines and credit cards do, based on the business generated by their calls to you. Monitor, adjust, transfer, and redeem points.

Payables functions by name

TL;DR: Perform payroll and other pay-related tasks.

RB concepts in this lesson

Award Points: Used to encourage clients to book with your agency by rewarding them with points for different services.

Resource: Person or thing that provides your business with a service.

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