Full-Text Search

Create searchable files in RB Connect/RB Connect Mobile so your clients can easily find the right transcript, exhibit, or other file (works automatically in Transcript Packages too)

Plug-in #3
Clients can search through 100s of transcripts online quickly

With RB Connect’s Full-Text Search plug-in, your clients can search through 100s of transcripts, exhibits, invoices, etc., in seconds online. Clients can search for text in different types of files in their online repositories, and they can also search in Transcript Packages, the transcript format designed to work in browsers and on mobile devices that bundles transcripts with their exhibits and other related files.

Index files you want clients to search

With this optional plug-in to RB9 and RB Connect, you build indexes of clients’ files in the RB9 repository so your clients search an index — not the actual files — in their RB Connect repository. This saves them a significant amount of time over non-indexed searches, in which they would have to download files to search.

You choose which files to index. You can choose any files you store in the RB9 repository, no matter what type. You can index most text-based files, with the exception of some proprietary file formats. Full-text indexes you create automatically upload to your repository.

(We do not recommend indexing all files because the monthly charge for the Full-Text Search plug-in is based on the storage space used by the indexes. You can use the same function to delete old indexes to save on storage space.)

Use the RB9 Create Full-Text Search function to index files. You can index files from any or all client-related repositories (case, job, invoice, or witness), and use various search filters to refine the list of files to select from to index. Files you have indexed are marked so when you no longer need them, you can remove their indexing.

Using Full-Text Search is even easier with Transcript Packages — no building indexes necessary — all Transcript Packages are automatically indexed.

File types RB Connect’s Full-Text Search plug-in reads:

  • PDF (text portion)
  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • RTF
  • HTML
  • All text types including ASCII (eTranscript PTX is not text based, so it is not supported.)

How it works on your clients’ side:

Your clients can search for content in indexed files in their online repository three ways:

  • All of the words
  • Any of the words
  • The exact phrase

Your client enters text they want to find. They can search based on as few as three characters, with a minimum of two characters in each word to be searched.

Their search results are displayed with file information first, such as the job number and date, and the file name. Then an excerpt within each file where the text was found is listed. Text that matches the search criteria is highlighted.

When your client locates the right file, they can view/ download it.

In Transcript Packages, your clients have the same search options, but search returns a list of files that include the desired text. When your client clicks a hyperlinked file name, the Transcript Package appears with the first instance of the searched-for text selected and highlighted. Further instances of the text in the transcript are highlighted and the total number of instances appear at the top with buttons to navigate through all the instances.

If you have the RB Connect Mobile plugin, then your clients can search for text on their smart phones and tablets in a layout optimized for mobile devices.

Subscribe to RB9, RB Connect, RB Connect Mobile, & Full-Text Search

The Full-Text Search plug-in requires RB9 & RB Connect. It also works with RB Connect Mobile, but does not require it. Like all RB9 products, the Full-Text Search plug-in is available by subscription only on a month-to-month basis, cancel any time without further obligation. RB9 products are backed by an unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

NOTE: Full-Text Search is not available with RB Lite.

TL;DR: Give clients the ability to search for specific text in their RB Connect repositories and Transcript Packages, and get results in seconds with the Full-Text Search plug-in. When they locate the right file in their repository, they can download it.

RB9 concepts in this lesson

Contact: Person who works for a firm you do business with, such as attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, legal assistants, claim adjusters, and court clerks.

RB Connect: Online repository, calendar, and access to your office for clients and resources, including interactive transcripts, downloadable invoices and e-commerce for clients, and online turn-in, one-touch job acknowledgements, and downloadable pay statements for resources. More >

RB Connect Mobile: Clients and resources can access your RB Connect on their smartphones and tablets in an interface optimized for mobile devices. More >

Transcript Package: Interactive transcript that includes related files, including video and PDF transcripts, and can be used by your clients through RB Connect on their computers or through RB Connect Mobile on their mobile devices. Users can highlight text, make notes, view hyperlinked exhibits and other files, and export the transcript in a variety of formats, including condensed or word list only. More >

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