This small module focuses on efficiently finalizing, managing, and sending invoices to clients

Lesson #31
Finish invoice process started in Turn In

The Billing module is one of the smallest modules in RB. Its focus is on managing and sending invoices prepared in Turn In. What you can do in this module includes:

  • After preparing invoices in Turn In, you can finalize and post them from Turn In or in Billing. The main difference is that you can speed up the process by posting in batches in Billing.
  • You can also batch email or print original and current invoices,  and archive original invoices in the repository.
  • Billing is where you edit, preview, email, and print COD invoices.
  • Transfer invoices between clients when there has been a mistake in addressing the invoice to a client, instead of voiding and re-billing.
  • Export invoices in LEDES 98B format for clients who require electronic billing that complies with LEDES standards. 

Billing functions by name

TL;DR: Use Billing to post and send invoices in batches, plus send COD invoices, correct billing mistakes, and prepare invoices in a LEDES format for electronic billing.

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