If you need to look up an invoice or other specific information, find it directly in this module

Lesson #37
Find targeted information fast

Need to find an invoice quickly? Want to know how much you billed a client last month? These questions and more can be answered in the Inquiry module. What you can do in this module includes:

  • Instantly locate information about jobs, invoices, clients, resources, witnesses, payments and transcripts. 
  • Generate a settlement amount for a particular case in seconds, no matter how long the case has been going on. Send a client a PDF of their invoices. 
  • Analyze aspects of your business, such as clients’ billing activity and resources’ billing and pay amounts. Run monthly, yearly, and year-to-date total reports. 
  • Audit resource pay overrides.
  • Print labels for cards and gifts to send to clients celebrating upcoming birthdays and other anniversaries.
  • Find who your best clients and resources are, and which clients are new or inactive.

Inquiry functions by name

TL;DR: Use Inquiry functions to quickly look up information about invoices, clients, resources, witnesses, and transactions.

RB concepts in this lesson

Job: Usually the reporting of a deposition, but can also be any kind of service you provide with your reporters or other resources. More >

Resource: Person or thing that provides your business with a service.

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