RB Connect Mobile

Clients and resources can access your RB Connect on their smartphones and tablets in an interface optimized for mobile devices

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Meet your clients where they live: On their smart phones

With RB Connect Mobile, your clients can do everything they already do in your online offices — such as viewing their calendars, transcripts, and supporting files — on their mobile devices.

The difference is that they can look up information in an easy-to-read interface designed for mobile use, instead of having to pinch and zoom the standard browser layout reduced to fit the smaller screens of smartphones and tables. Your resources can also use RB Connect Mobile to do everything on their mobile devices that they do in RB Connect except create master word lists and turn in jobs.

RB Connect Mobile is not an app, so your clients and resources do not have to search through app stores to find it, nor do you have to deal with registering your mobile offices. Instead, we turn on the plug-in, and users access it through the browser on their smartphones and tablets.

RB Connect Mobile offers:

Instant set-up. If you already have RB Connect, you can offer mobile services tomorrow.

Mobile-ized layout. Instead of tiny PDF transcripts and web pages crammed into the smaller screens of mobile devices, RB Connect Mobile is designed to be easy to read and use on smartphones and tablets. Don’t make your clients try to maneuver through your RB Connect website on a tiny screen, or pinch and zoom to try to read your RB Connect site. RB Connect Mobile makes it easy for your clients and resources to use your site on mobile devices.

No third-party registration or fees. You only pay a monthly fee for the plug-in. There are no app store requirements to meet or app store fees to pay.

One subscription covers all devices. Because RB Connect Mobile is browser-based, your mobile offices are available automatically on all smartphones and tablets that offer browser access to the Internet (such as Safari on iPhones). There is no need to buy a separate subscription for each mobile operating system.


  • Information available instantly anywhere.
  • No need to carry around a laptop.
  • No waiting for a computer to boot up.
  • No app to install.
  • No searching app stores for your app.

Major features for all users

  • Information is secure. Users sign in with their RB Connect user ID and password.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) option makes log-in more secure by adding a second factor to signing in, such as a code sent to their phone.
  • Users can change their user ID and/or password.
  • Users can look up upcoming or previous jobs, and view any job’s details, including map directions.
  • Users can get help and support within the site. If users have questions, they can look up information in the user guide inside RB Connect or contact you via support tickets and track the resolution of their issues

Top features for your clients

  • Their transcripts, including interactive bundled transcripts
  • Case file repository
  • Detailed job info, including map directions
  • Invoices & statements with payment history and current outstanding amounts
  • Pay online

Client-side features

Depending on the access preferences you set, your clients can:

  • Check their schedule, and see at a glance which jobs have been canceled.
  • View their job calendar as a list or wall calendar style.
  • Request jobs, either by copying and updating existing jobs or from scratch. (They can also set some defaults to minimize time spent entering job information.)
  • Reschedule or cancel jobs.
  • Use search criteria, such as witness or who placed an order, to limit which jobs are displayed and/or find a specific entry.
  • View any job’s details, including driving directions.
  • Back order transcripts.
  • View, search, highlight, and comment on transcripts designed to work in browsers and on smartphones and tablets.
  • Designate highlight colors for different uses.
  • Look up job, witness, and case information in an interactive transcript.
  • Export their transcripts as AMICUS, full-size PDF (including PDF/A formats for archiving), condensed PDF (2 or 4 ASCII pages per page), word index, word list, highlights, and notes.
  • Search their repositories for transcripts, notices, case files, and other types of files by case name or number and other search criteria.
  • View and download job and case files, including streaming video.
  • View and download other files you maintain for them, such as price lists and contracts.
  • Look up outstanding and paid invoices, and view invoice details.
  • Pay invoices. COD clients can download transcripts after paying online.
  • Use search criteria, such as case name, invoice date, and open or paid invoices, to limit which listings are displayed and/or find a specific invoice.
  • If you offer reward points, they can see their current points balance, pending amounts and history, and make requests to redeem or transfer points.
  • Ask questions and track the resolution of their issues with the support ticket system.
  • Look up information in the contextual User Guide.
  • Update their contact information, including their password.
  • Set personal preferences.

Top features for your resources

  • One-touch job acknowledgements
  • Detailed job info, including map directions
  • Shared case files
  • Request time off
  • Pay statements & outstanding amounts owed to them

Resource-side features

Depending on the access preferences you set, your resources can:

  • Check their schedule. If they are a sales rep or have their own clients/assigned cases (Client Of), they can also see which jobs their clients have scheduled and jobs scheduled for their assigned cases.
  • See at a glance which jobs have been canceled.
  • Acknowledge new jobs.
  • Use search criteria, such as firm or scheduled date, to limit which listings are displayed and/or find a specific entry.
  • View any listing’s details, including map directions or special notes about the job’s firm or contact.
  • Check in at job locations, which records the date and time for the task in both their RB Connect/RB Connect Mobile and your RB9.
  • See which jobs have been invoiced and what they are owed.
  • Look up invoices for a particular case, job date or witness.
  • Find out what their next paycheck will include.
  • View any invoice’s pay details.
  • View current and past pay statements.
  • Choose to see pay statements with invoice details or not.
  • Check their To-Do list.
  • View their job files, including shared case files such as word lists, dictionaries, and exhibits.
  • Search their job files by case name, job date range, job number and other search criteria.
  • View other files you maintain for them, such as contracts.
  • Look up information about clients, including phone numbers and map directions.
  • View their work schedule and request time off.
  • Ask questions and track the resolution of their issues with the support ticket system.
  • Look up information in the in-app User Guide.
  • Update their contact information.
  • Set personal preferences.

How contacts and resources access your RB Connect Mobile offices

All anyone needs to access your RB Connect Mobile site is a smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device with Internet access through a browser, and your RB Connect URL.

Since RB Connect Mobile is not an app, they do not have to search through app stores to find it, and there is nothing to download.

They can bookmark the URL to the home screen of their mobile device if they like, so they can access their mobile office with one click.

All of RB Connect’s client-side functions are available in RB Connect Mobile, so your clients can access everything in a mobile environment. Reporters and other resources, such as videographers, scopists, and interpreters, can access almost all RB Connect resource-side functions in RB Connect Mobile except they cannot turn in jobs or compile master word lists.

RB Connect Mobile requirements

To add RB Connect Mobile to your company’s services, you must have both RB9 and RB Connect set up and working.

Because RB Connect Mobile is not an app, you do not have to register your mobile offices with different app stores every year. Instead, we simply turn on the plug-in and users can start accessing your site on their smart phones and other mobile devices.

And because it’s browser-based, you don’t have to pay a separate fee for each mobile operating system.

RB Connect Mobile is available by subscription only. Terms are month-to-month; cancel anytime with no further obligation. Like all RB9 products, RB Connect Mobile is  backed by an unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

Ready to mobile-ize your office?

If you already have RB Connect set up for your office, just call us and you can offer mobile access to your RB Connect office the same day you authorize payment. Your RB Connect Mobile automatically inherits your RB Connect preferences, such as branding and which functions users can access.

And if you already have the Full-Text Search plug-in to RB Connect, which gives your clients the ability to search for specific text in their RB Connect repositories and get results in seconds, it works in RB Connect Mobile too. And there is no additional charge for offering this in your RB Connect Mobile offices.

RB Connect Mobile was released in June 2019 and replaced RB Web Mobile On and RB Web Mobile Apps.

NOTE: RB Connect is not available with RB Lite.

TL;DR: Clients and resources can access your RB Connect on their smartphones and tablets in an interface optimized for mobile devices.

RB concepts in this lesson

Award Points: Used to encourage clients to book with your agency by rewarding them with points for different services.

Client Of: If resources bring in their own clients, you can assign client firms and/or individual contacts at the firms to their resource. You can also designate Client Of resources in cases. Use Client Of to pay reporters commissions on their clients’ or assigned cases’ jobs, whether the reporter handled the job themselves or not. You can also give reporters right of first refusal on their clients/cases’ jobs by displaying unassigned jobs from their clients/cases in the reporters’ online calendars in RB Connect.

Contact: Person who works for a firm you do business with, such as attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, legal assistants, claim adjusters, and court clerks.

Job: Usually the reporting of a deposition, but can also be any kind of service you provide with your reporters or other resources. More >

Resource: Person or thing that provides your business with a service, such as reporters, videographers, interpreters, scopists, proofreaders, account executives, other agencies that cover jobs for you, or a conference room.

Task: Service requested with a job, such as reporting, interpreting, or video, that require a separate resource (person, company, thing) to accomplish. More >

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