What is ReporterBase 101?

ReporterBase 101 is both a website and a weekly email that explain what RB software for managing court reporting and other legal support businesses is. Because RB9 is a large program with over 140 functions, it takes a while to get to know everything it can do for your business.

This website describes all the capabilities of each function, and it defines RB concepts and terms that are unique to the program.

Want to receive weekly RB 101 emails?

Instead of visiting this site, you can learn about RB by having a lesson sent to your inbox every week that focuses on one aspect of RB, such as a module, a function, or a concept. Sign up here; cancel anytime.

To send you RB 101 lessons, we require your name and email address, but that’s it. We won’t sell or give your information to other parties, except as required by law (see our privacy policy). And we promise not to spam you.

Whether you choose to visit the site to read any and all lessons, or you opt for the convenience of a single lesson sent to you each week, all RB 101 lessons are free.


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