Production is where you turn in jobs, fulfill client requests, prepare invoices, ship products, and correspond with clients and others

Lesson #19
Producing transcripts & more

In the Production module, you turn in jobs, prepare transcripts and invoices, send out and track your products, and correspond with depo parties, witnesses, and 3rd parties.

Production is where you:

  • Turn in jobs: Enter information about witnesses, attending parties, firms to bill, and services ordered. If your resources turn in jobs online through RB Connect, this information is already entered.
  • Create invoices and apply billing rates, pay rates, and rush charges, then calculate and post invoices.
  • Fulfill client requests.
  • Create PDF transcripts (including condensed versions) & apply digital signatures.
  • Create Master Word Lists for multiple jobs on a case.
  • Ship out produced service items. Track UPS & FedEx shipments.
  • Upload finished transcripts and related files, like exhibits, to the repository.
  • Alert clients to files uploaded to their repository on RB Connect.
  • Restrict individual parties from accessing specific files in their online repository in RB Connect.
  • Generate production sheets to tell staff what service items are needed and how many units to produce.
  • Email transcripts to witnesses and attorneys. Apply Read & Sign requirements to transcripts. Attach affidavits and errata sheets. Track original transcript location.
  • Track production items as they progress through your company. Track electronic and physical files. Track finished transcripts, exhibits, video, and archived files as they move through your production workflow, so you always know their location and current status. Produce tracking reports.
  • Produce labels, envelopes, and form letters with information from your RB database automatically merged in.
  • Archive and manage files in the central repository.

Production functions by name

TL;DR: Production is where you turn in jobs, fulfill client requests, prepare invoices, ship products, and correspond with clients and others.

RB concepts in this lesson

RB Connect: Online repository, calendar, and access to your office for clients and resources, including interactive transcripts, downloadable invoices and e-commerce for clients, and online turn-in, one-touch job acknowledgements, and downloadable pay statements for resources

RB-PDF Transcript: Customizable PDF version of a transcript with built-in transcript-specific features.

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