What is ReporterBase 101?

Like the logo says, ReporterBase 101 is “All about RB9”

ReporterBase 101 is both a website and weekly emails that explain what RB9 software for managing court reporting and other legal support businesses is.

RB9 contains over 120 functions grouped into 12+ modules of related functions. With such a large program, it takes a while to learn everything RB9 can do for your business. So ReporterBase 101 breaks down the program into manageable “lessons” that cover the capabilities of each function. It also defines RB9 concepts and terms that are unique to the program.

The site is titled “RB9 Primer” because it includes all of the lessons, like a textbook for an RB9 course. You can browse through the site to read RB9 lessons, or you can sign up for the convenience of receiving one lesson a week delivered to your inbox.

What is RB9?

RB9 is an online application used by court reporting agencies and other legal support businesses to manage their business and provide services to their clients and resources