Add boilerplate text to notes without typing

Eliminate redundant typing by creating templates of boilerplate text for job and case notes

Lesson #160
Tools – Notes Templates function

Instead of typing the same notes for each case/job — or copying and pasting the info from a Word doc — create templates of boilerplate text to fill the notes fields in cases and jobs. 

With the Notes Templates function, you can create templates of text for different types of notes. Create as many templates as you want for specific notes fields in cases and jobs, such as scheduling notes for different types of jobs or even for specific firms or contacts. Style the text in your templates with different font treatments (e.g., font weight, size, and typeface) and colors.

Then select the appropriate template when scheduling a job/setting up a case/etc. If needed, you can edit the note to fit the case/job you applied the template to, but that will still be less typing than starting each note from scratch.

Notes templates are saved on the RB server, and are available to all of your RB registered users. You can edit your saved templates to update them as needed.

Contextual notes templates

Notes templates are organized into Notes Groups so that when selecting a template in a Notes field, only the relevant ones appear. For example, templates saved in the Cases-Remarks Notes Group will be available to select in the Remarks field in a case listing.

Notes templates are organized into the following Notes Groups:

  • Case-Remarks
  • Job-Confirmation Notes
  • Job-Production/Billing Notes
  • Job-Resource Notification Notes
  • Job-Scheduling Notes

Notes Groups are preset by RB9, you cannot edit or add new groups. You can search for notes in a single Notes Group, several groups, or all groups at once. Export your search results as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV (comma-separated values) file to save, print, share, or use in other applications.

NOTE: This is an RB9-only function. It is not included in RB Lite.

TL;DR: Save time entering notes by setting up templates of boilerplate text you can apply to notes fields in cases and jobs.

RB concepts in this lesson

Job: Usually the reporting of a deposition, but can also be any kind of service you provide with your reporters or other resources. More >

Resource: Person or thing that provides your business with a service, such as reporters.

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