Send clients & reporters invitations to your RB Connect

After entering contacts or resources into RB9, simplify everyone’s lives by emailing them invitations to RB Connect that automatically includes their login credentials and onboarding info

Lesson #163
Connect – Send Invitations function

Use Send Invitations to invite contacts and resources to your RB Connect by emailing them customized letters that include their user name and other pertinent information. Send different emails to contacts and resources to give them targeted information for using your RB Connect. Customize the invitation forms with your own content, RB9 data fields, text formatting, and images. 

Setting up invitations

Increase the likelihood and success of people using your RB Connect by including important information in your invitations, such as how to set their password. You can also customize the email to include other information like a site orientation. Include your company logo and other branding too. You can also customize the default subject lines to include your company name and/or the name of your RB Connect if you call it something else.

After customizing your invitation templates, use Send Invitations when you have new contacts or resources to give them access to your RB Connect without waiting until you have business to conduct with them online.

The default list in Send Invitations is all contacts entered today. You can use search filters to find a single contact, contacts at a single firm, a single resource or all resources. You can also choose to search different dates or a date range.

Listings in the results include the entity’s name, city, state, email address, login name, and the date they were entered into RB. If you are looking for contacts, the results also include the name of the firm where they work.

You can sort your results in the grid by one or more columns in ascending or descending order (but when you exit the function, RB9 will revert back to the default order).

From the results grid, you can view and update anyone’s details, send invitations, and export the grid as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV (comma-separated values) file to save, share, print, or use in other applications.

Sending invitations

You select who to invite by checking their box(es) in the list or checking the box in the header to select them all. (If there is no box next to an entity’s name, that means the entity is missing contact information in their profile. Click the hyperlinked entity to add their contact information to their profile.)

You can preview emails before they are sent. You can edit an email’s subject line and message, change the recipient and sender, add Cc’s and Bcc’s, and attach files before sending the email.

After sending the email, RB notes the result in the Send Invitations grid, and records the email sending in the entity’s Notes Log.

NOTE: This is an RB9-only function. It is not included in RB Lite.

TL;DR: After entering contacts or resources into RB9, email them targeted invitations to RB Connect that automatically includes their login credentials and onboarding info.

RB concepts in this lesson

Contact: Person who works for a firm you do business with, such as attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, legal assistants, claim adjusters, and court clerks.

Notes Logs: Un-editable internal-use only notes entered either by a user or automatically by RB appear in chronological logs in the database record where they occurred. More >

RB Connect: Online repository, calendar, and access to your office for clients and resources. More >

Resource: Person or thing that provides your business with a service, such as reporters.

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