Email clients automatic payment receipts

Quickly acknowledge client payments with automated receipts

Lesson #162
Receivables – Send Payment Receipts function

After posting payments for outstanding invoices, send receipts to clients. You can customize the subject line and contents of your company’s email receipt, then use this function to automatically send receipts to clients.

In Send Payment Receipts, the post date defaults to today and the recipient defaults to Bill To clients (companies responsible for paying the invoices). You can select a different date to view payments for and change the recipient to Sold To clients (companies that ordered your services or are otherwise responsible for a job). You can also restrict the results to only payments posted by a specific staff member.

Payments in the results list include:

  • Post date
  • Payment type
  • Check number
  • Amount
  • Who issued the check (if different from the Bill To firm)
  • Who posted the payment
  • When posted

With a click you can view which invoice(s) any payment in the list has been applied to, along with invoice information such as:

  • Invoice amount
  • Balance
  • Any adjustments made
  • Fees
  • Additional charges
  • Basic client info

Automatic email receipts

Select all the posted payments or only specific ones to send receipts for. Payment receipt emails will automatically include the payment receipt as the body of the message. RB9 comes with a default payment receipt form that you can customize. Or you can create your own. Customize the Subject line of payment receipt emails with default text and RB data fields in System Preferences. 

You can preview the emails before they are sent. In preview mode, you can:

  • Edit the subject line
  • Edit the message
  • Change the recipient
  • Change the sender
  • Add Cc’s and Bcc’s
  • Attach files

After sending the email, RB notes the result in the Send Payment Receipts grid, and records the email in the Email Log (RB9 function only), so you can refer back to it later.

TL;DR: Send clients customized receipts acknowledging posted payments.

RB concepts in this lesson

Bill To client: Client responsible for paying the invoice for a job.

Job: Usually the reporting of a deposition, but can also be any kind of service you provide with your reporters or other resources. More >

Sold To client: Client responsible for a job with your company

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