Override data locks when needed

When you absolutely need to edit something that another user is currently editing, you can take this extreme measure

Lesson #155
Personal – Locked Data function

To prevent two or more people from working on the same data at the same time and overwriting each other’s work when they save, RB “locks” data when someone accesses it so that only that person can edit it until they save, cancel, or close the data window. You can use this function to release a lock to switch access from the current user to yourself.

When you attempt to access data that another user is already accessing, you can view the data, but you cannot edit it. If you attempt to edit the locked data, RB displays a popup that tells you the data is currently being edited and identifies who is editing it.

If you can’t wait for the other RB user to finish and you can’t contact them to save their work and “unlock” the data, but you need immediate access, you can use this function to override a lock to access the data. We don’t recommend this also except as an emergency procedure because it overrides anything the other user has entered but not saved yet.

TL;DR: Only one person at a time can edit data in an RB function, but you can use this function to switch access to yourself. 

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Users: You and your staff who directly access RB.

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