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Save work before logging out

A couple of important points about RB log-outs

Lesson #158
Personal – Log Out function

RB9/RB Lite automatically logs you out of the program after a certain period of inactivity for security reasons. You can also manually log out of RB. For example, when you want to switch to working on a different computer or are finished working for the day.

However before using this function to log out, be sure to save your work: RB does not automatically save your work for you whether it logs you out automatically or you log out manually.

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The personal section is accessible under the user name on screen

Lesson #152
Your corner in RB is literally in the corner

The personal section is accessible under the user name in the top right corner on screen. What you can do in this module includes:

  • Receive automatic notifications from the system and exchange messages with other RB users in a format similar to an internal email system. 
  • Change your password at any time. Can also change it at log-in if you forget your password.
  • Release a lock on data in RB to switch access from the current user to yourself.
  • Update user preferences including overriding some global system preferences for your account only.
  • Clear your window by closing all tabs at once.
  • Log out of the program.

Personal functions by name

TL;DR:  Communicate with others in your office, manage your RB9, and shortcut some work in the system.


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